Road Trip // CA

-find all pix here- Our hypothetical anniversary trip went through many stages before it came to its final form. Originally, we thought Greece! Italy! Somewhere romantic! Then we considered renting a van in Iceland and driving around the whole country. All of these options went null when we realized it would be either too chilly... Continue Reading →

Quarantine // WA

Quarantine has brought out the creator in me! Here's a list (with pictures) of all of the things (mostly food) I have made during this time. April 1: Chocolate Chip Banana Bread. This is where it all started. My friend mentioned that she had made this and I wanted in on the fun. It was... Continue Reading →

Port Townsend // WA

Sometimes it takes a tiny weekend trip to reset your perspective. I love our apartment, but whenever we do tiny road trips I realize how stressed I get when I'm hanging out at home. I feel the need to clean, start on laundry, start on meal prepping for the next week... A few weeks ago,... Continue Reading →

Twisp // WA

After two winter seasons working at Starbucks, the word "holiday" always makes me anxious. Long lines, anxious/angry people, and constant stress were experiences commonly associated with the holiday season. I think it's gonna take me a few more years to shake the feeling of anxiety during Christmas. This year, the holidays (even though void of... Continue Reading →

San Diego // CA

A conversation post-trip with a client of mine summed it up: "Heat, sunshine, all the time. What a concept!" Living in Seattle (and formerly Chicago), it's easy to forget that there are places that have beautiful weather year round. San Diego was one of them with a whopping 80 degrees during our stay. In November!... Continue Reading →

Kenya // Africa

It's taken me a while to muster up the energy to write this post... Probably because it took me just as long to fully recover from the whirlwind that was Africa! In early October (2019), I set out on a quick and crazy trip to the country of Kenya with my mom and Max. My... Continue Reading →

Navaho Pass // WA

Since moving to Washington, I've dreamed of backpacking but very hesitant because of the huge starting investment. But holy heck, does it pay off! This past weekend, we went backpacking for the first time with my brother and our friend. Navaho Pass is a hike on the Stafford Creek trail, about an hour from Snoqualmie... Continue Reading →

Banff // Canada

Life has been a touch more exciting (okay, a lot more exciting) lately. 2019 has been the Year of Travel™️, and I'm happy to report I'm back to documenting my trips. Countries I have since visited this year include Costa Rica, Cuba, Mexico, and lots of Canada! As soon as summer hit, I camped out... Continue Reading →

Copenhagen // Denmark

Luckily, Max and I only had to wait two weeks to see each other after Prague! (It's so weird to think that 'two weeks' is a short amount of time to us now...) After the devastating news of the attack in Paris, I was terrified to fly to Copenhagen (not even 24 hours after the... Continue Reading →

Barcelona // Spain

After Prague, I definitely needed some quality time with Rome. During the week, we did a lot of walking around - a highlight was we got to see the Trevi Fountain open after a year and half of being closed! Come Friday, however, we were itching to be on our next adventure to Barcelona. We flew... Continue Reading →

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